3 simple ways to take your control back from overwhelm and anxiety

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it can be a real struggle to stay in control and with a certain peace of mind. Add to it the constant stream of negativity for the news and what you see when you scroll on your Facebook or Instagram feed, and you have the perfect recipe for anxiety and stress for what the future holds!

That’s a fact, there are many things you can’t control in the world and your environment. But what if, by doing a few easy things without even leaving your house, you could regain that sense of control over your mind and your life?

Here are 3 tips you can immediately apply in your life right now to take a break from the constant negativity and protect your energy for better control and power over your own life.

1- Spring cleaning

No, I am not talking about sweeping your floor and emptying your closets (but if your home needs some love, you may still consider it!). It’s time for a digital cleaning!!

We are all addicted on different levels to social media, and it has a major influence on our days, mindset, and the way we think. Don’t you want to scroll on your feed and only see content and people that inspire you??

Then pick up your phone. Open your favorite social media app. Now the fun begins. Unfriend anyone who spits negativity on your home feed, unfollow anyone and anything that doesn’t spread love, joy, and hope.

I see you, you are thinking twice about unfriending that loved one you deeply care about but who is always negative. Then find the option to stop seeing their content! No one is hurt, and you get to stop seeing their content that always makes you uncomfortable!

And think about it, (I know it’s another subject, but I have to touch on it!), you are the people you surround yourself with, so you may consider distancing yourself from the people who don’t support you and drain your positive energy…

2- Get rid of the news

Yes, stop reading the newspapers, stop watching TV, stop listening to the radio. You can keep reading and watching stuff, but you can make better choices when it comes to the information you feed your mind with.

What about reading articles to improve yourself or learn a new skill? Or that novel you bought 2 years ago that is collecting dust in your personal library?

What about listening to a podcast that will make you laugh or think? Or the interview of that celebrity you see as an example for the world?

What about rewatching your favorite teen series (any Buffy or Dawson’s Creek fans in the house??)? Or giving a go at a workshop or online training? Or even a life-changing program?

You ALWAYS have a choice, you can carefully choose the information you put in your marvelous mind and not trash it with garbage fake news and depressing information about what’s going on in the world!

3- Control what you can

There are many things you can’t control, it doesn’t mean that you have to let them control what you could take charge of.

What can you control in your life? Can you control your health? The food you feed your body with? Your thoughts? Your level of energy? Your competences?

Make the list of everything you can think of right now, every single thing that you have already control over in your life, including the things you have given up on but are within your own power.

And commit. Commit to doing your best to put your focus and attention on what you can control instead of what you can’t.

Commit to making it non-negotiable to protect your own energy by not letting the outside world affect you.

Commit to reclaiming your power and not letting anything that can impact your wellbeing to reach you.

Protecting our own energy and putting our focus on what we have power over is crucial. Build the strength to let go of what doesn’t serve your joy and growth, and go shine your light!!!

Stay safe, stay loved.



Supporting self-aware joy seekers in paving their path to success and freedom so they can turn their backs to regret and never look back

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Cecile Thomas

Supporting self-aware joy seekers in paving their path to success and freedom so they can turn their backs to regret and never look back